Kamis, 01 Mei 2008

ASPRS Update and News

It has been a good week so far at this year's ASPRS conference in Portland. This was the first major show we've been to since the ERDAS name change, so we had a completely updated exhibition booth. Here's a snap of it:

The UGM on Tuesday was a good session as well. I spoke about a rapid response mapping project (basically a sensor fusion to data product generation exercise, which I will write about later) and also gave a short demonstration of LPS. There were some good discussions, particularly around the presentation/demo of the IMAGINE Objective feature extraction and classification tool.

In other news, Microsoft Photogrammetry (Vexcel) announced a new software system (called UltraMap) for processing UltraCamX imagery during today's "Photogrammetry Solutions" session. Michael Gruber gave an overview of the new system, which mainly covers the "upstream" part of the photogrammetric workflow (download, pyramid generation, QC, point measurement, etc). A couple interesting points about it that they support distributed processing for some functions (using internal Microsoft technology) and they are using Microsoft's Seadragon technology for image viewing. This is the same technology behind Photosynth, which is impressive.

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