Kamis, 15 Mei 2008

Signup for the IMAGINE Objective Beta Program

In case you missed the press release yesterday, the beta release of IMAGINE Objective has been announced. IMAGINE Objective is a tool for multi-scale image classification and feature extraction. I haven't had a chance to directly use the tool, but I've seen several demonstrations and the technology is very promising - I'd definitely encourage people to try it out. I think it can be particularly useful for update mapping applications (e.g. when an organization gets new orthos and needs to update buildings in a newly constructed subdivision that doesn't appear on their previous ortho coverage).

The beta sign-up page is here.

For more detailed info on IMAGINE Objective, check out the feature extraction solution paper. One thing to note: at this point the tool is focused on 2D feature extraction: it does not automatically extract 3D features. Unfortunately nobody has cracked the nut on automatic photogrammetric compilation! For now the 3D tools remain either manual or semi-automatic.

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