Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

Value-Added GeoPDFs Part 2

In case you want to check out the example GeoPDF from the previous post, I have now uploaded a couple versions of it to the Adobe Acrobat.com site. The file size is fairly big, so I created two versions:

Higher quality (compression factor of 60) at 119MB.

Lower quality (compression factor of 15) at 55MB.

In both cases the imagery looks decent, but the shaded relief in the 55MB version shows the effects of over-compression. If you haven't had a look at it before check out Acrobat.com as well - 5GB of online file storage are available for free!

To adjust the layers, open the files in Adobe Reader and click on the "Layers" icon on the left side. The bands are as follows:

Bands 1/2/3 = RGB orthomosaic
Bands 4/5/6 = Shaded Relief
Band 7 = DSM

In the example below the Shaded Relief bands are loaded, and as you can see they can be adjusted in a number of combinations.


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