Minggu, 17 Mei 2009

ISPRS Hannover Workshop 2009

The ISPRS Hannover Workshop is coming up at the start of June covering "High Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information." The topic areas look good, covering:
  • Digital aerial cameras
  • Handling of high resolution space images
  • Impact of web-based access to, and use of, remote sensing images (Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth)
  • Potential of small satellites for topographic mapping
  • Airborne laser scanning
  • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and interferometric SAR
  • TerraSAR-X
  • Sensor and system calibration and integration
  • Direct georeferencing
  • Sensors and methods of DEM generation
  • Aerial and satellite image analysis
  • Rapid change detection and update for environ mental applications
  • GIS driven updating and refinement of geo spatial data bases
  • From experimental systems for object acquisition and updating to commercial solutions
We'll be there on the Tuesday "DTM" session to present research we've been conducting at ERDAS pertaining to terrain point cloud generation from high resolution optical images (see here for for some initial concepts, more details coming later).

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